Babies, Children, Adolescents, Adults (Including Women's Health and Family Planning)
Newborn Evaluation in Your Home

You do not need to leave your home to have your newborn examined. I can come to you to check your baby, and you can stay where you are most comfortable after giving birth: in your home, or at the hospital if you prefer to have my assistance before you return home from a hospital birth.

Breastfeeding Expertise

Whether you are having problems breastfeeding or things are going well, I can offer guidance that both prevents problems and treats problems if they occur. I view every mom and baby as a unique pair of individuals that I am honored to care for during this sacred time. I examine your baby. I watch her feed or help you to feed her. I listen to you and your baby. After listening and after examining your baby, I make suggestions that are quite simple and fit your needs and your baby's needs specifically.

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Physical Exams for Babies, Children, Adolescents and Adults
(Including Women's Health Exams and Family Planning)

My emphasis is on education regarding your health or your child's health. My goal is for you to become an expert on your family's health as you understand the current situation and treatments and learn how to optimize health. We will discuss my exam findings and test results; personal nutrition and activity choices based on your lifestyle and personal preferences; and an introduction to treatment modalities that support the mind and body in healing if problems arise.
Illness Care by Appointment

I offer conventional pharmacological care when appropriate. However, more often than not, typical visits suggest holistic care that does not involve conventional medications. I primarily use homeopathy, but my approach is eclectic including therapeutic nutrition, herbal medicine, anthroposopical medicine and cranial sacral therapy. I consult with other practitioners and specialists when necessary or beneficial.
Holistic Health Care

My practice is a holistic practice. What this means to me as your health care consultant is that I must listen to you first, to see you as a whole person. I ask questions to help me understand the source of your concerns, your experience and who you are. If I am treating your child, you can be assured that I will hear your child and you. I respect parents' preferences, concerns and intuition regarding their child's care.

Listening to your story and your answers to my questions often lead me to your diagnosis and treatment. I choose therapies from a variety of disciplines including homeopathy, nutrition science, herbal medicine, anthroposophical medicine, and cranial sacral therapy.

My intent is to make you comfortable when you may be feeling quite vulnerable. I have set up my office so that people who come here will feel safe and calm. I schedule patients in such a way that there is no wait. I am not distracted when I am with you. This environment will allow for better communication that is key to diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

My educational background is grounded in scientific study and analysis. My listening skills and absolute presence with people allow for an intuitive component essential to proper diagnosis and treatment of the whole person.
Speaking Engagements

You may contact me to speak on a wide range of health-related topics to a variety of audiences. I have spoken at educational conferences for health care practitioners; at universities and hospitals training physicians, nurses and other health care practitioners; to lactation professional groups; to family and parent groups; and at schools.
Telephone Consultations by Appointment

You can schedule an appointment with me for a telephone consultation. These consultations are helpful in a variety of situations. You can contact me about the specific telephone services I provide.

Fees are due at the time of service.

Contact me for fee schedule.